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Mondial Continuous Advisory

SAP Service Authorised Partner for SAP S/4HANA Solutions

Under the leadership of Mondial BT Consulting, we are offering research based SAP Advisory services
to Corporate and Government Sectors in Canada, US and other parts of the world since 2006.

Our Senior SAP Advisors & Research Associates work directly with both small or large companies, corporations, system integrators,
& consulting firms as their long-term strategic technology partner and help them to get the maximum benefit from SAP products.
We collaborate with your existing SAP team on a Regular basis (or On-demand) to unlock
a plethora of opportunities for future growth within your technology and business areas.

SAP PartnerEdge Network

Our company is a partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.

Microsoft Partner Network Collaboration

Our company is an official member of the Microsoft® Partner Network

This allows us to engage with SAP & Microsoft Teams and deploy products and solutions in a more robust manner.  

Our Product Portfolio

Mondial provides product-focused SAP Continuous Advisory services for private and public sector clients.

SAP Financial Accounting | SAP Financial Planning
SAP Financial Operation | SAP Financial Management
SAP Financial Reporting | SAP Financial Governance
SAP Financial Public Sector Management | SAP Financial Integration


Our Service Portfolio

Mondial is committed to providing to each client with exceptional dedicated service,
delivered in a user-friendly and timely manner. 

We Design. We Build. We Report. We Analyze.

We evaluate everything.
We understand how long it takes for projects to move through completion.


A successful digital transformation with SAP requires deep technical knowledge and understanding of SAP solutions from business applications to technology advancements including HANA, IoT, Cloud, Big Data etc.

This can be achieved through our specialized SAP Analysis & Design advisory services. The main objective of Mondial Continuous Advisory services is to help clients to understand SAP Finance solution portfolio along with the available adoption scenarios.

We support clients' to get more clarity on digital roadmap, technology direction, overall project costs, solution options and deployment decisions. Its time to focus on 'capability building' and not just on project deployment.

Our 'SAP Continuous Advisory' based on thorough research, deep analysis and unbiased opinion, is the only way to improve and run SAP Processes on consistent basis.

SAP Solution Design & Development
Providing unbiased product reviews, solution analysis and design development for SAP clients.

We Design

 Solution Design

• SAP Process Design
• SAP Functional Design
• SAP Integration Design
• SAP Security Design
• SAP Mobile Fiori UX Design
• SAP Cloud SaaS Design

We Build

 Solution Development

• SAP Process Setup
• SAP Configuration
• SAP Customization
• SAP Development (RICEFW)
• SAP Data Cleansing
• SAP Data Conversion 

SAP Data Reporting & Analytics
Delivering enterprise reporting, financial reporting blocks, analytical and predictive data solution for SAP clients.

We Report

 Data Reporting

• SAP Enterprise Reporting
• SAP Reporting Blocks (S4 & B1)

Reporting Block Statutory
Reporting Block Segment
Reporting Block Treasury
Reporting Block Public Sector
(Standard, Query & Report Painter)
(BW Reports & Custom Reports) 


We Analyze

Data Analytics

• SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
• SAP Business Objects (BO)

Data Analytics
Planning Analytics 

Predictive Analytics 
Data Intelligence
Data Visualization


Please contact Team Mondial if you have any query, questions or need any
further information about our SAP Continuous Advisory services.