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SAP Experiential Workshop

We organize SAP Experiential Workshop sessions to provide insight into SAP financial products & solutions and show how SAP can make the business process and workplace run better.

All SAP Experiential Workshops are free-of-cost and for educational purposes only. You can register to our SAP Experiential Workshop to gain more insight about SAP financial products & solutions.

Please check for our upcoming sessions and reserve your spot now.

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SAP Professional Development Program

If you want to discover SAP system or want to bring your SAP career to the next level then join our SAP Professional Development Program (PDP), the program developed by Senior SAP Consultants, Human Resource Professionals and Industry Experts having deep insight into SAP Product, Solution, Best Practices, Marketplace & Workplace.

The program has been developed to provide SAP Candidates (Business/IT) with the opportunity to explore SAP areas in multiple ways and directions. The main objective is to show how you can apply knowledge & experience into SAP practice.

SAP Professional Development Program (PDP) is NOT an SAP training course or workshop, rather its a complete SAP professional development reskilling / upskilling package (Branding ► Learning ► Working) that helps you to become a successful SAP Professional. 

Our Senior SAP Consultants will Coach you throughout the program and reskill / upskill your SAP knowledge (process, functional, technical & marketplace) through series of One-on-One sessions, lectures, self-study guides, presentations and real-life SAP system implementation & project management experiences.

Financial assistance for up to 75% of program cost per individual is available through our sponsors in order to complete SAP Professional Development Program. Please send an email to Team SAP Discovery Hub for more information. 


  • Designed based on  SAP Function  (and not by SAP Role)
  • Smart way to align SAP technology requirements & SAP professional employability skill more effectively 
  • Opportunity to gain SAP work experience upon successful completion of the program  
  • Reskilling & Upskilling for SAP S/4HANA


  • Customize professional development - 60-hours to complete  
  • 3 Bands: Branding, Learning & Working with SAP
  • Series of One-on-One sessions, lectures, self-study guides, presentations & SAP system exposure
  • Individual or Small Group setup depending on professional development requirements, area of interest and level of experience


The program offers different streams based on SAP Functions within SAP S/4HANA and/or ECC environments:

  • SAP Business End-User - Finance Operation
  • SAP Reporting - Finance R2R & A20
  • SAP Business Analyst / QA - Finance
  • SAP Application Consultant - Finance
  • SAP Project Management - Implementation
    • Greenfield / Brownfield / Bluefield 


The program eligibility criteria has been set out as under: 

  • Business User (Non-SAP)
    • 0-15 Years
  • Technology Professional (Non-SAP)
    • 0-10 Years
  • Business User (SAP)
    • 0-10 Years
  • Application Consultant (SAP)
    • 0-5 Years



You can send your SAP Professional Development Program evaluation application.

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Our SAP Resource Point is your one-stop destination for SAP related knowledge including but not limited to SAP Solution Portfolio, SAP Support Enablement Network, SAP Learning, Training & Professional opportunities.

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