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This is our SAP Connectedness Initiative to guide individuals and businesses during their SAP journey.
Just send an email to Team SAP Discovery, if you need any assistance.


SAP Resource Point 

Our SAP Resource Point is your one-stop destination for SAP related knowledge including but not limited to Solution Portfolio (ECC & S/4HANA), Support Network, Education, Training, System Access, Job Portals etc.

SAP Personal Gateway

If you want to evaluate your employability or consulting skills for SAP Profession or need to upskill yourself for SAP S/4HANA then send your detailed 
resume or profile to Team SAP Discovery and get SAP Skill GAP Analysis report from our SAP Experts, at no cost.   

SAP Professional Development

It is not like how much you know, instead how much you can apply. If you are new to SAP system or want to bring your SAP career to the next level then join our SAP Professional Development Program (PDP) to learn how you can apply knowledge & experience into SAP practice.

SAP STEP Project 

We offer broad range of discovery services to SAP customers so they can have better and clear understanding about new SAP solutions
and functionalities included: Simulating, Testing, Evaluating and Proposing.

SAP Advisory

Our Senior SAP Advisors & Research Associates work directly with both small or large companies, corporations, system integrators, implementation
partners & consulting firms as their long-term strategic technology advisor and help them to get the maximum benefit from SAP products.

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If you want to explore Professional Connectedness opportunities in business, management & technology areas then we would like you to join our
Discovery Hub Professional Network or Discovery Hub Professional Database and connect to workplace and marketplace with us.

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