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SAP Experiential

If you want to discover SAP Intelligent Enterprise Financial Solutions and willing to enhance your career with SAP to the next level 
then join our SAP Professional Development Program (PDP), the program developed by Senior SAP Consultants and Industry
Experts having deep insight into SAP Solution, Best Practices, Marketplace & Workplace.
The program has been designed based on SAP Function (and not by SAP Role) and it will give you an opportunity
to explore SAP products and solutions through key official professional accelerators including SAP Learning
Journey, SAP Learning Hub, SAP Activate Methodology etc. in multiple ways and directions.
 Reshaping IT workforce through the combination of 
 SAP applied knowledge and experiential learning. 
SAP Professional Development Program (PDP) is NOT an SAP training course or workshop, rather its a
complete professional development package based on three inter-correlated bands (3600 Minutes)
(Branding►Learning►Working) that helps you to become a successful SAP Professional.
Skill GAP Analysis/Function Alignment/Career Pathway
Product Knowledge/Solution Run/Application Usability
System Environment/Project Methodology/Tools & Resources
Our Senior SAP Associates will Coach you throughout the program to strengthen your SAP knowledge
(process, functional, technical & marketplace) through series of 1-on-1 sessions, lectures, 
self-study & real-life SAP implementation & project management experiences.
We Empower

To empower business & technology professionals by expanding and strengthening their digital knowledge around SAP products, solutions, resources and show them how employability skills and opportunities can be improved through SAP skills.

SAP PDP Format
► Participants | Career Risers
► Workplace Learning
► Applied Knowledge
► Agile Environment
► Positioning, Shadowing & Modeling
► Upto 3600 Minutes
► Validity 90 Days
► Completion Certificate
► Scholarship for SAP Consultant Certification
(One participant at the end of every quarter)
SAP PDP Outlook
► Three Inter-Correlated Bands
► Branding + Learning + Working
► Focused on SAP Intelligent Enterprise Solutions
► Covered all-important SAP S/4HANA Areas
► Used key SAP Official Professional Accelerators
Apply Now
For Youth 18-28
Ö Full Cost $ 5000
Ö Members Discount upto 50%
Ö Sponsored MNJFP Scheme Zero $
For Other Professionals
Ö Full Cost $ 5000
Ö Members Discount upto 50%
Ö Sponsored MNJFP Scheme upto 75%
+ Only eligible candidates will be admitted under MNJFP Scheme.
++ Payment can made on installments.

Registration for the program has been closed for this quarter.

Please check back later. Thank you for your interest!
SAP Professional Development Program
Bands & Benefits

Please contact Team Mondial if you have any query, questions or need any 
further information about our SAP Professional Development Program.