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SAP Professional
Development Program

It is not like how much you know,
instead how much you can apply.



If you are new to SAP system or want to bring your SAP career to the next level then join SAP Professional Development Program (PDP), the program developed by Senior SAP Consultants, Human Resource Professionals and Industry Experts having deep insight into SAP Product, Solution, Best Practices & Marketplace.

SAP Professional Development Program (PDP) is NOT an SAP training course or workshop, rather its a complete SAP professional development upskilling package (Branding ► Learning ► Working) that helps you to become a successful SAP Professional. The program has been developed to provide SAP Candidates (Business/IT) with the opportunity to explore SAP areas in multiple ways and directions. The main objective is to show how you can apply knowledge & experience into SAP practice.

Our Senior SAP Consultants will Coach you throughout the program and upskill your SAP knowledge (process, functional, technical & marketplace) through series of one-2-one sessions, lectures, self-study guides, presentations and real-life SAP system implementation & project management experiences.

Program Uniqueness:

  • Designed based on  SAP Function  (and not by SAP Role).
  • Smart way to align SAP technology requirements & SAP professional employability skill more effectively.
  • Opportunity to gain SAP work experience upon successful completion of the program.  
  • Upskilling for SAP S/4HANA.

Program Format:

  • 3 Bands: Branding, Learning & Working with SAP.
  • Series of one-2-one sessions, lectures, self-study guides, presentations & SAP system exposure.
  • Individual or Small Group setup depending on professional development requirements, area of interest and level of experience.   

Program Length:

  • 12-Hours / 3 Sessions.  
  • Flexible schedule.
  • All 3 bands must be completed within program start and end dates.

Program Cost:

  • C$1500.00 (including HST)

Financial assistance for up to 80% of program cost per individual is available through our sponsors in order to complete SAP Professional Development Program. 

SAP Professional Development Program (PDP) 

Upskilling for SAP S/4HANA 




Check the process flow below to understand how the SAP Professional Development Program works: 



Some of key program benefits are as under: 



We are currently accepting limited applications for SAP Professional Development Program (PDP)

The program is designed to take 12-hours to complete.

All program sessions will run in Q2/2019 from 1st April 2019 (Start Date) to 30th Jun 2019 (End Date).

Refer to Program Flow below to understand the registration process. 


The program offers different streams based on SAP Function within SAP S/4HANA and/or ECC environments:

  • SAP End User - Finance 
  • SAP BA - Finance
  • SAP Application - Finance
  • SAP QA Testing - Finance
  • SAP Record to Reporting
  • SAP Application - HR
  • SAP Technical 
  • SAP Security


The program eligibility criteria has been set out as under: 

  • Non-SAP Experience: Business User or IT Professional (0-5 Years)
  • SAP Experience: Business User or SAP Consultant (0-5 Years)


Please follow the steps 1-2-3-4 below to complete your PDP registration application: 

1. Check Program offering & eligibility criteria. 

2. Send PDP evaluation application via Web Form - see below.

3. Confirm program acceptance, if offered.  

4. Send PDP reservation request via Eventbrite.

Our SAP team will review your PDP evaluation application and if you meet our eligibility criteria then we will send you a separate email to complete your program reservation spot and finalize program schedule.    

Please contact Team SAP Discovery Hub, if you need any further information or assistance.