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Technology is an integral part of Corporate Strategy & Business Strategy decision-making processes regardless of volume and size of the enterprises - small, medium or large corporations. According to World Economic Forum Reports 2016-2020 some old fashioned businesses, skills and approaches will be disappeared in next 5-10 years due to current digital transformation wave. 

In tradition way of doing business, technology was only used to support company operations but in this digital era, technology is now actually driving company operations.

Now these days company leadership cannot avoid and defer technology adoption while making their corporate and business strategies. Company  Executives, Managers, Partners and Small Business Owners have to consider and understand Technology resources, limitations and opportunities at the same time when they start thinking to setup a new company, expand any existing businesses, improve business processes to increase productivity or even building crisis management plans. 

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Mondial provides product-focused Technology StraTec Connectivity services
for private and public sector clients as well as for personal users.

Microsoft Cloud Applications
Microsoft Workplace Solutions


  We Serve

If you are looking for a technology strategic partner to guide you and build your new DIGI Business Models and DIGI Personal Spaces
using  Microsoft Technology Products & Solutions  then Mondial has the answer for you.

At Mondial we support & help companies to understand technology trends, digital applications, develop ideas, launch projects, improve business processes and build corporate structures through in-depth research, study and statistical analysis so they can run their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Our StraTec Connectivity Approach

to unearth and utilize Microsoft Products & Solutions:

Some StraTec Connectivity Advantages:

Understand New Technology Solutions | Access to Technology Platform

Meet with Technology Experts | Devise High-Level Strategic Roadmap

Learn Technology Adoption Scenarios | Receive Brochures & Information Material


Our company is an official member of the Microsoft® Partner Network

This allows us to engage with Microsoft Team and deploy Micrsosoft products and solutions in a more robust manner.  

  • Canadian enterprises aren't prepared for digital transformation. Only 17 per cent of Canadian firms have considered digital transformation to be a key tenet of company strategy: Source IDC Report
  • The way that Canadians live, work and shop is about to change profoundly: Source Deloitte
  • Small business needs to focus on digital overhaul: Source Engineering News
  • 35% of jobs in the UK are at risk of being replaced by automation, 47% of US jobs are at risk, and across the OECD as a whole an average of 57% of jobs are at risk. In China, the risk of automation is as high as 77%: Source University of Oxford's policy school.
  • Some jobs are set to disappear fastest in the US (from Accountants to Computer Programmers): Source World Economic Forum

Please contact Team Mondial if you have any query, questions or need any
further information about our Microsoft StraTec Connectivity services.