Providing high quality advisory services in the areas of technology, management, research & program development.

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About Mondial

Innovation when you need results .......



Today's world is changing more rapidly than any past years. Companies need better solutions for their currently existing setups so they can smoothly glide from good to best. Business expansions, system enhancements, accommodating current trends, process improvisations are few areas that need research.


Under the leadership of our Senior Partners & Associates, we offer advisory & research services to Corporate and Government Sectors in Canada and other parts of the world.


Ö Technology Advisory

► Mondial BTC - BridgeTec Consulting since 2006.


Ö Technology Research

Mondial RIC - Mondial Research & Innovation since 2015.


Mondial BTC - BridgeTec Consulting
We are an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.

Mondial RIC - Mondial Research & Innovation Centre
We are a member of Mississauga Board of Trade (Chamber of Commerce). 

With more than 50 years of joint consulting and advisory experience, our Senior Advisors & Research Associates working independently or working together as a team provide Mondial Services in the following areas:

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
Business Process Improvement (BPI)
Solution Design
Solution Development
Research Analysis
Program Development


The primary objective was to keep companies and organizations updated with new technology innovations and new business models. At Mondial, we are a team of forward thinkers who observe the present, keep in account the past trends to acquire the bright future. Our uniqueness lies in our experience in both technology and business which makes it easier for us to understand your point of view.


Whether we work through B2B or Research Partnership Program, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality service. Our approach is to include, as far as possible, local expertise of high quality, which is often more relevant to the needs of our clients and also make it effective and faster.


Please contact Team Mondial if you have any query, questions or need any further information about our advisory or research services.




Our Senior Advisors & Research Associates have been individually positioned as top contributors on several occasions with high reputation of leading projects to success, including but not limited to:

Accenture, Asian Development Bank, Atlas, Black Berry, Cadbury, DFC, David Yurman, Galitos, General Electric, IBM, Ideal Group, John Hardy, Lever Brothers, Mitsubishi, Nissho Iwai, RISE Asset Development, Peel Region, PwC, SAP, Shell, Sumitomo, United Way & UNCTAD (a United Nation System of Organization).